• This competition is open to all photographers from any nation.
  • Only images of the Isle of Skye will be eligible for entry.
  • Images can also be views from the Isle of Skye - for example of the Isle of Rum from Glenbrittle.
  • Images must be recognisable as Skye. For example a photo of an eagle flying in a clear sky without any land features to prove where it was taken, or a macro shot of a fossil will not be eligible.
  • Images can be of any subject (landscape, wildlife, portrait, etc), but should portray the Isle of Skye. A great portrait shot of a family enjoying their time on Coral Beach would be a good example of this. Images can be in colour or black & white.
  • The Isle of Skye is known and photographed for its natural beauty and wildlife, so it seems fitting that the photos entered for this competition should also be natural. Photos must not be digitally altered beyond basic adjustments of contrast, colour balance, saturation, levels, etc. No cloning is permitted. No merging of different exposures is permitted, although stitching of more than one exposure together to form a panoramic image is allowed, providing the exposures were all taken in a single sequence at the same time. Cropping is allowed.
  • Finalists will be requested to prove the authenticity of their image by providing the original RAW or JPEG capture.
  • All photographs must be original work and be owned by the photographer.
  • All entries must be entered via this website. No postal entries will be accepted.
  • There is no limit to how many photos a single photographer can enter, but each photo must be entered separately.
  • The closing date for entries is midnight on Sunday 30th Oct 2016.
  • The Isle of Skye Photo Competition will not use your images in any way without your prior permission. Copyright of any entered image remains solely with the photographer.

First Round


All images entered will be judged anonymously by Marcus McAdam, he will decide the top 50 which will go through to the second round.

Second Round


Judged anonymously by our professional panel selecting the final 10 images which will be showcased on this website for a public vote.



Public voting will open on Nov 6h and will be closed on Nov 13th. The winner will be announced on Nov 14th.


The top 10 entries from 2016